Chester, in the state of Illinois, is now called the “Home of Popeye”, where you can find a 6-foot (1.8 m), 900-pound bronze statue of Popeye the Sailor Man. It is found in the Elzie C. Segar Memorial Park, which pays respect to Popeye’s maker. The recreation centre is situated beside the Chester Bridge. Chester’s greatest occasion is its yearly Popeye Picnic, they have a parade as well. It is held the end of the week after Labour Day. Fans of Popeye go from everywhere throughout the United States and the world to share in the end of the week exercises. The vast majority of the occasions and excitement have no cost and family inviting.

Chester Illinois

The town of Chester, the province seat of Randolph County, is a waterway town in the proudest feeling of the word. The Mighty Mississippi has had an essential impact in its history. To Samuel Smith, be that as it may, has a place the respect of being the organizer of Chester, initially known as Smith’s Landing. In the late spring of 1829 he raised a home, built up a ship and started development of a plant. The principal block house in Chester was worked by Amzi Andrews in 1834. Amid the surge of 1844, the Bellair, a steamboat, kept running against it and additionally pulverized the city imprison. A similar pontoon thumped a corner out of the stone, Holmes and Swanwick Mill, at that point under development. Chester was a most loved halting spot for the stream men and pontoon travellers. Charles Dickens and his better half remained here on April 11, 1842. Stamp Twain was a pilot on the Mississippi from 1857 to the Civil War and evidently on a few events halted at Chester at the Cliff House, which was a fine waterway hostelry.


Popeye was in fact created by Elzie Crisler Segar for a funny cartoon in the print syndicate, King Features. Neighborhood townsmen trusted that Frank “Rough” Fiegel is the motivation for Popeye on the grounds that he is amazingly dexterous with his fists. The city of Chester is the “Home of Popeye” where a bronze statue of Popeye the sailor man stands in the Elzie C. Segar Memorial Park. Picnic and Parade is also held here. Popeye’s Picnic is an occasion that happens in Chester for three days out of the year. It happens in the long stretch of September and comprises of rides, nourishment stands, music, novice wrestling matches, and firecrackers. The Popeye Parade is hung on a Saturday morning. Prior to the parade there is a walk and keep running for any individual who needs to take part in it. Decorations and trophies are granted for the best sprinters and walkers in each age class. A Popeye shirt is incorporated with every section. Many individuals from various towns take part in the parade.

The city of Chester is also famous for other parks and historic sites. Make sure they are on your itinerary when you travel here!