Illinois is a state in the Midwestern US bordering the Mississippi River in the west and the state of Indiana in the east. Illinois often regarded as the Prairie State and its marked by forests, farmlands wetlands, and rolling hills. Chicago, a contemporary city, is situated in this state in the northeast on the shores of Lake Michigan. Chicago is famous for its skyscrapers such as sleek, 1,451 ft Willis Tower and also the Tribune Tower. Illinois is the 6th most populous state in the US and even the 25th largest state regarding land mass.  Often seen as the microcosm of the whole country. With Chicago situated in the northeast of the state, small industrial cities, and significant productivity agriculturally in the northern and central Illinois, the country has natural resources like timber, coal, and petroleum in the south.


Illinois is one of the eight states and the Canadian province of Ontario present in the bi-national Great Lakes region of North America. Illinois has an eastern border of the north-south line at 87o31’30 west longitude in Lake Michigan at the north, to the Wabash River in the South above the Post Vincennes. The Wabash River continues as the southeastern/eastern border with Indiana until the Wabash enters the Ohio River. Illinois has some minor variation in elevation though it lies entirely in the Interior Plains. Illinois is divided into three, Northern Illinois dominated by Chicagoland. Central Illinois is dominated majorly by prairie and is known as the center of Illinois. The third division is called Southern Illinois, and it consists of the US Route 50 including Little Egypt.


According to the United States Census Bureau, the population of Illinois was around 12,802,023 in the year 2017 and is the fifth largest state in the US. According to the 2010 census the state racial composition consists of 71.5% White American 63.7% of the non-Hispanic white and 7.8% white Hispanic. 14.5% African American or Black, 0.3% Alaska Native and American Indian, 4.6% Asian American, 2.3% Multiracial American and 6.8% of some other race.


The gross state product for Illinois was said to be around US$772 billion in the year 2017. The state’s per capita gross state product in 2010 was an estimated US$45,302, and the per capita personal income was said to be around US$41411 in 2009. The principal agricultural outputs of Illinois are Soybeans, hogs, dairy products, cattle, corn, and wheat. In recent years, Illinois is always first or second state for the highest cultivation and production of soybeans with a massive harvest of 427.7 million bushels around 11.64 million metric tons in 2008 after Iowa’s production of 444.82 million bushels about 12.11 million metric tons. The state ranks second in the US corn production with over 1.5million bushels annually produced. Illinois is also a leader in meat processing and food manufacturing.


The Illinois state flag has a white background and much of the Illinois state seal seen in the center. A bald eagle is standing on a rock holding a white, blue and red shield in its talons. The stars are white placed on a blue background, and the stripes are white and red. The state bird is the Cardinal, state animal is the white-tailed deer, state insect is the monarch butterfly, state fish is the bluegill, state tree is the white oak, state flower is the Illinois native Violet, the state grass is the big bluestem, state mineral is the fluorite, and state fossil is the Tully monster.