Taking a break after long hours, days, weeks, months and even years of hard work is endowed with untold benefits to the body, both physically and health wise. The body needs rest as a fish will need water for survival. But finding the perfect place to rest during vacations has been probably a hard nut to crack in this regard. The inability of one to discover a better and befitting place to spend vacations does not in any way suggest that there is no place at all. Most times, it has been enormously believed that the best places are always expensive to afford, this mentality to an extent is not always the truth. Indeed, there are amazing and affordable places to go on vacation especially in Illinois. But father from that, the crux of the issue had always been finding a better and befitting place where one could really enjoy the vacation. In Illinois, there are couples of amazing places to visit where luxury and comfort are within arm length reach. And in this article, I will be discussing on some interesting places to visit at Illinois during vacation.

Located in the Midwest of the United States, Illinois is the home of Chicago, which is the third largest city in the country as well as a major sport and cultural centre. Illinois have many smaller industrial cities, and great agricultural productivity, mostly in its central regions. Here are some interesting places to visit while on vacation to Illinois.

SPRINGFIELD: Not only is Springfield the capital of Illinois, it is also the birth place of the great Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States. Some of the interesting places to visit while at Springfield are: Lincoln Home National Historic Site, The Abraham Lincoln presidential library and museum, Lincoln’s Tomb, as well as the Law office where he practiced before becoming the president of the United States.

GALENA: This is a small city of under 4000 inhabitants that forced its way down the best places to visit in Illinois. Galena has more than 85% of its historic town as national districts, and it is renowned for its architecture and its long mining history.

ROCKFORD: Another fascinating place for vacation is Rockford, the second largest city in the state of Illinois outside the Chicago area. It is often called “the forest city” because it has 20,000 acres of green spaces. It has a rich history, which visitors can learn about at midway village, a pioneer village with historical exhibits.

EVANSTON: This is a place of fascinating interest in Illinois. It has a charming downtown where one will find great selection of theatres and restaurants. It is home to North Western University, and is a suburb north of Chicago where one will also find the historic arose point lighthouse built in 1873.

ALTON: Just about fifteen miles from North of St. Louis Metropolitan area, Alton is located. It is known for its limestone bluffs along the Mississippi River, and its surrounding area offers lonely drives along the Great Rivers Scenic Route. The Archaeological artefacts of the city’s prehistory can be viewed in the National Great Rivers Historic Museum, and outside, a pre-historical painting of a Paisa bird can be seen on the cliff face.