Chicago is a wonderful and vibrant city, as a result, it has been featured in many popular movies and has gained even more fame after the book “Becoming” by Michele Obama. But there is one more highlight of the city and people around the world can recognize the logo of the red bullhead. The Chicago Bulls is one of the American professional basketball teams founded in 1966 with many famous players. How the logo of this team became a worldwide recognizable brand and made Chicago even more popular?

Chicago Bulls
Chicago Bulls

The Beginning

The team was founded by a well-known American athlete and entrepreneur Dick Öland Klein. He was working as a general manager of the Chicago Bulls for many years and died in 2000. Dick Klein had an interest in basketball for all his life and in 1963 he decided to invest money to promote one of Chicago’s teams. The first season was led by the famous coach Johnny Kerr and players Guy Rodgers, Jerry Sloan, Len Chappell, Jim Washington, and Bob Boozer. While everyone was skeptical, the Bulls got an NBA franchise in 1966, as a result, this date is described as the beginning of the Bulls era.


Before Dick Klein made an investment, the team had no name. As he was a great businessman and understood the importance of marketing, he wanted his team to have a great name that would be easy to memorize, meaningful, and associated with the city. Thinking about the fact that beef dishes are the most common in Chicago, Klein wanted to call the team Matadors or Toreadors but he believed in a superstition that a sports team with more than three syllables in its title has no success. So, once Klein has heard his son saying “Dad, that’s a bunch of bull!” and decided that the team is going to be called The Chicago Bulls. Well, that is the official story.

The logo of the team is a red and furious face of a bull. This logo was made by graphic designer Dean Wessel in 1966 and has just a few upgrades until today. The iconic logo became recognizable soon and allowed the team to generate more money when it appeared on sports clothes and shoes. The mascot of the team cannot be forgotten too. It is a Benny the Bull who always wears the uniform with number 1. Benny is one of the oldest and best-known mascots in professional sports.

Famous Players

The Chicago Bulls hosted many great players such as Scottie Pippen, Jerry Sloan, Bob Love, Derrick Rose, Norm Van Lier, Artis Gilmore, and many other outstanding basketball players. However, the all-time star of the Chicago Bulls is Michael Jordan. He is called the greatest player in NBA history, won seven consecutive scoring titles, ten titles in general during his career, and put up some of the biggest numbers in NBA history. There is no surprise that all seasons from 1984 to 1998 when Michael Jordan was playing as a part of the Chicago bulls are called the Jordan era.