Without insults to New York, Tokyo, Paris, London, or Moscow, but this article is a reverence for Chicago. To the amazing city of Illinois, that was described by a famous traveler “If the fascists had gotten to Mars, they would have built Chicago there” and U.S. President Barack Obama, while talking about his victory in the first election said, “If there are still doubts that America is a place where anything is possible, tonight is the answer for you”.


The third largest city in the United States, with an estimated population of about 2.8 million, is located on the banks of the Chicago River. The name of the city is derived from the local Indians, who called the marshes where Chicago was built later checagou – wild onions or garlic. From the first glance, Chicago seems like any other big American city: cold, grey, and unfriendly. However, there is something more that you can feel after some time spend in this city. The locals said that Chicago has a soul.


Chicago has many nicknames, the most famous one might be the City of the Winds. Although this nickname is viewed ambiguously, believing that it may have originated as an insult to the local people of Chicago as well. However, the most common explanation for this nickname is the constant wind blowing in the center of this metropolis, as it is also located on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Where Is That Soul?

Windy, snowy, and cold Chicago easily is wining the hearts of people. The locals say that it is happening because of the soul of this city. Even if it sounds funny, but you can easily feel that special atmosphere while walking throughout the streets there. Maybe it happens because of “humanized” the huge, central skyscrapers and that is why you do not feel like in a “cemented jungle”. Over 200 buildings with a height of more than 100 meters have been built in Chicago. The tallest of them is the famous Sears Tower that is 440 meters high. Since the early 1970s, this city has ranked the first in the United States in terms of high-rise construction traditions.

Chicago fascinates people with its greenery, blending harmoniously into the entire landscape and giving the romantic colors to the city. There is also drawbridges and a wonderful Lake Michigan to have a perfect date for and Chicago. You do not have to visit the museums in this city to get to know Chicago. It is enough to take a sincere, curious look around the streets of Chicago. A non-irritating music of all sounds, incomprehensible to many people of different races and backgrounds, cozy cafes and restaurants, and friendly smiles. Locals of Chicago are warm people who are not ashamed to come to you on the street to find out which store you bought shoes that seem so cool to them, to say that you smell delicious and to ask what kind of perfume it is or to praise that you just look great. And all these little details make a soul of Chicago!