The United States are well-known for having some of the most diverse landscapes and local cultures in the world. The long and tumultuous history of this nation created some amazing places and stories. One of the best places to visit to understand the genuine American spirit is the South. Here people are very welcoming and friendly and there are countless places to visit. One of the most representative states for the Southern feeling is Illinois. Located in one of the most beautiful areas in the nation, this state has something to offer to anybody. We have listed some of the top reasons why Illinois should be on your vacation list to convince you to visit this amazing state and better understand the American history and culture.

The Food

The food here is simply amazing. Illinois and the South are well-known for having some of the tastiest dishes in the country. This is because the cuisine here is a mixture between the local recipes and the international influences. Chicago is the best place to see this. Some of the most renown dishes here, like the Italian sandwich, were born thanks to the influence of the international immigrants. The ranch sauce can be considered the symbol of this state. You will find many tasty dishes here. Another “traditional” dish here is the pizza and the horseshoe. Illinois will have the perfect dish for you.

The History

Springfield is the birth place of the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. This city is the perfect place for history and politics enthusiasts. You will get the chance to visit many museum and dedicated monuments that tell the story of slavery and how Abraham Lincoln managed to abolish it. It is a very nice and educative city and it is the perfect choice for a family trip.

The Nature

The nature here is simply amazing. The Starved Rock Park is the perfect place for nature and animal lovers. You can be hiking here and if you are into it, even camping. It offers amazing views and you will leave this place energized and happy. The US nature is well-known for having a huge diversity and this park is here to prove it.

The Sports

Illinois is a sports-loving state. There are countless sports-related activities all year round and you will find something to fit your taste. Chicago is the home city of some of the best sports teams in the US and you will be curious to visit their stadium and museums. The state itself has a long history of sports and there are countless events outside Chicago too.

Chicago is an amazing city and the capital of this State. This windy city has something to offer to anybody. It is the home of countless museum and theaters and the nightlife here is amazing. It is a very vibrant and friendly city that will make you feel just like home. It is a city worth visiting.