There are many cuisine trends that were started in the Illinois area and we can easily say that Illinois is one of the best states when it comes to different foods. The cuisine here is so delicious thanks to the fact that it incorporates many food trends from all over the world. It may have started as a very European-like cuisine thanks to the colonies but it rapidly incorporated other cuisines like the African one. Food in Illinois is amazing, no matter what you try. But having enough space in your stomach to fit all the Southern cuisine is impossible. From more American dishes to more unique ones there is something for everyone. We have selected some of the best traditional food to try in Illinois in order to make your stay here better and to immerse you in the local cuisine traditions.

The Italian Beef Sandwich

This is an amazing dish that can be easily found all over the state. AS we said before, the local dish is a combination between the local cuisine and international influences. This sandwich tells the story of the Italian immigrants, the American way. It is a very juicy dish and the more sauce it has, the better. It is often served in home-made bread with Italian herbs and lots and lots of dressing.


Another unique dish that has its origins in Eastern Europe. It was brought here by the immigrants from this area and now it is one of the most popular dishes. It is made from dough that is filled with meat and then boiled. That sounds very simple and boring but the taste of the seasoned meat in a soft shell of dough is truly amazing. Also, fairly easy to find, and it is definitely a dish worth trying.

Hot Dog

The Chicago style hot dog is one of the best street dishes in the world. Its story starts on the streets of Chicago at the local food vendors. It is considered a crime to put any mustard or ketchup on this dish because it is already amazing. The hot dog is filled with meat, fried onion, vegetables, cheese and many more. Lately, the cool restaurants here adopted this dish and transformed it in one of the staple dishes in their menu thanks to the history of it.

The horseshoe

This is one of the best dishes here. It is considered an open sandwich and the way it looks explains why. It is made from a thick piece of bread, a burger and loads of French fries on top of it. Besides this, the dish is bathed in cheese and dressing for extra juiciness and flavor.


The corn is one of the top dishes here. Whether it is served boiled, grilled or baked, it is always amazing. The locals here consider that the corn should be the symbol of the state because they know how to cook it and how to incorporate it in countless dishes.