Chester, Illinois, is the town with lots of artistic masterpieces. The city located around the Mississippi is a lot of tourist attraction. If you are thinking of visiting Chester or maybe you are looking for a place where you can enjoy art in all the sense of the word, Chester, Illinois, is the place to be. Here are some of the few places to see in this city.


The Kaskaskia Fort is a historical 0.8 km to the park in Chester, Illinois, sitting on a bluff top overlooking the Mississippi River. It also provides scenic views of American Bottoms that is the confluence of the Kaskaskia and Mississippi Rivers. The Fort commemorates the frontier town of Old Kaskaskia that vanished and also the support it gave during the American Revolution. It was built by the French as a means of protection for the British during the Indian and French War. This historic and famous site was once the state capital of Chester, Illinois. The Fort has three pavilions that provide picnic tables, electricity, water and grills that can be located 16 the site. The Fort is open every day with no reservations required.


The icon is a granite monument, and one of 16 figures that are erected around Chester as a plan of honouring Popeye characters by the hometown cartoonist Elzie Crisler Segar. Castor Oyl who is a brother of Olive Oyl came before Popeye in the Sunday funnies for close to a decade. He introduced Popeye into the Thimble comic strip, but sadly he found his role diminished and subsequently eliminated. A reason to visit this statue is that of the luck gained by rubbing the head of Bernice the waffle hen, and this saved Popeye’s life after he had been shot severally. It is the reason why the Bernice and castor statue stands in front of the city’s hospital has last resort.


Elzie Crisler Segar was a 34-year-old obscure newspaper cartoonist in New York through an indigene of Chester, Illinois. He introduced a character into his Thimble Theatre strip named Popeye. Segar died nine years later, and at this time he was the most popular cartoonist in the world with Popeye the superstar responsible for his fame. He had been in his grave for about 40 years when he was honoured by sorority sisters from Chester by building the Statue of Popeye. The Statue is bronze and six foot tall with six-foot base high. The old sailor man with pendulous jowls, perpetual squint look and balloon forearms looks stranger than it sounds in 3-D than he seems on Sunday funnies. He was once vandalized by humans of Bluto, but was later rebuilt from donations from all Popeye fans across the country.


Located on IL-150 between Chester and Randolph County, Illinois, the bridge, completed in 1854 ,is 86 feet long, 17 feet and 18 inches wide with a vertical clearance of 12 feet. It was constructed from native white oak timber and is hand-hewn throughout. Burr Arch design with double arches is also used on either side of the king post. The bridge was in continuous work from 1854 to 1930. It was acquired by the state of Illinois for preservation and picnic area.