It is always advisable for someone, while planning to settle down and start or continue a fruitful life, one should settle for the best. Not only considering the beauty of the selected places, but also consider some factors like the security, safety, accessibility, etc of the chosen place this is seen as been a popular cliché over the years: go for the best life offers ample opportunities to explore and look out for new things and the best ones. Illinois is an amazing city that offers best places to stay if you are looking for one. A place that originally might look like a house could be transformed into a home for you. If you have been looking for a place to live in at Illinois, then look no further, just read this article to the end and you will have all answers to your questions. Below are some of the interesting places to live in and settle down in Illinois.

MARGARITA EUROPEAN INN: Built in 1927, this building was once a home for business women. It was changed to a hotel in 1989 and was named after Margaret O’Leary, the first female resident of Evanston. Today, you can enjoy French pastries, Vintage Décor and maybe even a ghostly visit from Miss O’Leary.

THE MILLENNIUM KNICKERBOCKERS: the penthouse floor of this building has been owned by the likes of Al Capone’s and High Hefner. The house still features the original historic entrances, and it is best known for its elegance ball room, upscale bars and lounge areas.

TIMBER RIDGE OUTPOST AND CABINS: One of the best places to stay in Illinois can be found in the Shawnee National Forest. Each glimpsing experience includes a fire pot, grill, an indoor kitchen and bathroom, as well as your choice between severe cabins or tree house.

RUEBEL HOTEL: Though it began as a saloon in 1884, the building was made a hotel in 1990. It is best known for the ghost that haunts its hall. Watch out for Abigail as your transverse the staircases and upstairs areas were a little girl may or may not be playing.

KAYAK MORRIS: This incredible place to stay allows you to set up your tent right on the beach. Glamping experiences include a pre-made camp fire that allows you to enjoy the Illinois River without worries, swimming, boating, and fishing also. This Camp ground is located at 801 kayak Morris road in Morris.

WOOMAN MANSION: This is where the perfect combination of privacy and luxury awaits you. At this stunning historical estate, you will discover how the wealthy lived in the early 1900s surrounded by vintage decors and classic furnishing. You will also enjoy an upscale breakfast each morning.

STONE HOUSE FARM: Take a camping trip like no other among 31acres of Illinois forests and meadows. This glamping experiences provides everything you need (other than towels), including Wi-Fi, so you can just have about all you could need.

THE PALMER HOUSE: With over 1600 rooms, this place is one of the best places to be, being the second largest hotel in the city and also the oldest. It was built in 1875 and it features a formal staircase and classic detailing.

These and more places are the best places you would love to stay in Illinois.